what to say when you talk to yourself

what to say when you talk to yourself book review

Everything You Wanted to Know About SELF TALK and Were Afraid to Ask

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One of the strongest aspects of a healthier and stronger mind is dependent on your self-talk game. What you say when you talk to yourself defines your day-to-day actions. It reflects on your behavior, attitude, conversations and ultimately reflects on the wellbeing of people around you as well.

Even after applying the best techniques for self-help has not shown any result, it is because your self-talk is weak. It needs to be accommodated not every day, but every moment of your life.

The idea here is not to become delusional with positive thoughts. The whole reason for having a strong self-talk game is to continually motivate you to get over any life problems you may encounter.


It is embedded in us since childhood. Reflect on it and observe the things you were told repeatedly ever since you were young. Whether you were told how good are at studies or how bad you are in sports repeatedly by people around you since childhood, your brain started to believe that this is true.

This repetition of statements ended up becoming your belief system. It carries on with you even in adulthood. At a subliminal level, we have repeated these statements so many times, that we accepted them at face value.

If a group continuously repeats a statement, it becomes the truth that applies to us as well.

 What we say to ourselves will forever be embedded in our brains as absolute truth.


Our brains work like a sponge. It absorbs anything poured on it. Especially at a young age, where we would believe anything, our loved ones, or people around us told us. 

If you talk to that some young person now in their thirties who had a traumatic childhood at the hands of some other person and what all that person had to go through, they will still relive their childhood experiences as if they just happened.

This goes to show that we linger on with experiences in our memory. The words told to us come to haunt us back. But the words were spoken in the past. The person in consideration is not even present at the moment.

So, who is doing the retelling?!

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Through this constant negative self-talk, and retelling of such instances in our mind we ruin our present and design an even worse future ourselves.

This is where the book what to say when you talk to yourself matters.

You live with yourself first then with anybody else. If your self-talk is filled with negativity, it shows on your face with your expressions, on your health with diseases, on your attitude with how you present yourself to the world and the conversations that you have with people around you.

We need to create robust positive self-talk to ensure we at least are inclined on changing our basic programming.


It is not difficult to change your programming as per the book what to say when you talk to yourself.

You can change your programming the same way it was done in the first place! You have to change your self-talk.

Self-talk is quite different from affirmations.

Affirmations aim to align you with powers waiting for you in the universe. Self-talk is internal talk that your mind has with you or you with your mind. What you tell yourself in real-time when things happen is self-talk.

Self-talk is statements that aim at addressing what is happening right now as opposed to what could be or what was.

With self-talk, you are not wishing for better things. You are those very things that you wish to be at the moment when you talk to yourself.

This enables you to solve problems better, live a better life, and have a healthy outlook towards what the issue is and how it should be solved.


The mistake people make as per what to say when you talk to yourself is the way the self-talk is created. People often confuse self-talk with either affirmations or visualization.

It is neither. It has to be spoken in the present tense. Self-talk cannot have words as I should, or I ought to. It has to be replaced with I am.

But with this book, you don’t have to create your self-talk.

The book has templates on self-talk that can help you to get started. If you wish to create your version of what to say when you talk to yourself, that I also an option for after reading this book.

what to say when you talk to yourself


It is a sign of maturity when you realize that you need to change your thoughts and change your life. This makes you a more responsible individual and is the best indicator that you want to get your life in the place you so desire.

Also, the whole dichotomy of self-help books sometimes is that they motivate you only for a time being. After reading the book, some of us tend to forget what the book was trying to teach us.

With what to say when you talk to yourself, you would have brought a new internal dialogue to your life. It will give you the ability to create a mind that is talking to you differently than it did before.

It will introduce you to a new friend (your mind) who will work together with you rather than holding you back.

Our internal dialogue is something we carry with ourselves all the time. If you refine it to your advantage, you will not feel the need to look for outside help to support or comfort you at the time of distress.

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