book review


Read time – 2 minutes


Before even beginning to read the book review What To Say When You Talk To Yourself, recollect the thoughts you had in the past one hour.


Now categorize them as positive or negative.


After this, try to recollect your thoughts that you had throughout the day and do the same.

If they still turned out to be mostly negative, then my groovy reader, you have chanced upon a book that will forever change your internal programming.


Day in and day out, we think thoughts that define our actions. How and what we think either makes or breaks our mood. It is in this state of mind we talk to our loved ones, our friends, colleagues, and everyone around us.

What we say to ourselves then, becomes the most important element in our life.


If you have ever wondered how is it that certain people with lesser “haves” in the world do better than most, it may all boil down to their own self-talk.

So how does one become groovy with self-talk and how important self-talk is outlined perfectly in the book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.


At the time when the book was written, there are some pertinent facts that we often hear today as well. Like,

1- 77% of what we think throughout the day is negative.

2- 75% of our illnesses are self-induced and are correlated to our thoughts.


This goes to say that three fourth of our inherent programming or What To Say When You Talk To Yourself is just incorrect. There are enough literature and scientific studies to support the fact that your thoughts have the capability of influencing even chemical imbalances in your system.


And if we are that kind of individual with such thoughts at prime in our minds, then we can create chemical imbalances in other peoples’ systems too!


What this book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself tells us is the method to change this very programming that holds us back. Our self yap is what defines us. If what we tell ourselves throughout the day is positive and is intertwined with our belief system, then what you are looking at is a person who is composed and not swayed by unnecessary objections of life.


The following is how the author has approached this concept. First, you get to understand how your negative thoughts have become your attitude. After this, you get to read about Five Levels Of Self Talk. Once you understand that, you get to learn to replace your old thoughts with new ones.


There are two most important aspects of this book.

First, What To Say When You Talk To Yourself is already printed for you! The book has you covered so you can start with your new thought build up right away.

Second, the book teaches you to create your affirmations. For affirmations not mentioned in the book that concern you, you can custom create them.



This book becomes a one-stop-shop to tweak your thoughts and become a better version of yourself, a version that is immovable by external circumstances to emerge a winner on the other side.