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Book Review the psychology of selling

take the stress out of the psychology of selling

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We are all selling something all the time. So knowing the psychology of selling is one of the most basic traits all of us should possess.


At work, we try to sell a product or a service, and at home, we are trying to sell the family to watch a movie of your choice or where your next vacation might be.


With this, we need to figure out the psychology of one of the most basic aspects of your day-to-day life, which is selling something, to deliver favorable results.


Any salesperson would have heard the dictum, that the customer is always right.


This has given birth to a new age of customers that is more informed.


Access to your competitors is as easy as searching for the same product or service on Instagram.


This warrants that your sales process should be able to handle this kind of extremities swiftly and help you achieve the desired outcome on a day-to-day basis.

why should you read this book?

For some, making a sale is a knack. They can make a sale with minimal effort.


They seem to attract a lot of sales every day whereas some people tend to struggle a lot.


For some, it requires more effort. This is where the book, The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy is a worthy read.


A google search on how to make a sale gets a lot of daily hits.

The book, The Psychology of Selling prepares you in a format that makes selling a part of your DNA such that your sales team wouldn’t have to go to google to figure out the sales process.


Think of yourself as a sales machine, ready to take on diverse personalities of customers, and then think of this book.


Practice what the book says day in, day out for a month, and see the change it brings to you, your confidence, and your business.

Book Review the psychology of selling

how effective are these sales techniques?


The Psychology of Selling is a proof of concept for all aspiring and established salespeople.

 It is a big claim to make and the following are the reasons to support it.


The Psychology of Selling starts as a typical motivational read that seeks to reinvent the basics of how you dress to how you make your first impression on someone.


It goes into the age-old concept of dressing for success, body language, and the concept of self and its importance in a sales process.


Revisiting these concepts is important as what the author suggests is that you can never earn more than 10% of your self-worth.


So, if your self-esteem game is at an all-time low, it reflects on how you smile at someone, how you choose to dress to all the way how you speak with people around you.


In sales, people take a lot of buying decisions into consideration to who is it that is selling to them.


 So, if the seller doesn’t look or feel confident, sales can never happen successfully.  


And for some people, even if they have high self-esteem and even if they do earn more than the 10% benchmark, they engage in self-defeating behavior and get in their way.


After the concept of self-worth, the book gets into the specificity of being a successful salesperson.


It highlights the mistakes often made by amateurs and elaborates on what successful salespeople do.

is there one common technique that appeals to all buyers?

The Psychology of Selling also discusses the different kinds of buyers and how to approach them.


One common denominator is, however, the concept of features and benefits across any product or service that you may buy.


Features are technical aspects of a product or a service. Benefits are emotional reasons why a buyer buys a product.


Salespersons should focus more on the benefits rather than the features.


The Psychology of Selling lies in the reasonable benefits that the buyer will perceive.


With this read, you get to understand how to effectively create the said features and benefits.

Book Review the psychology of selling

The entire responsibility of sale is on the salesperson ONLY.


Not your boss, your company, or your colleagues. The onus of burden is only on you as a salesperson.


The Psychology of Selling discusses sales from the perspective of psychology. (After all, it is in the title itself!)


Consider this book like a long newspaper with the current date and read the highlights that are valid for you daily.


Irrespective of your current position in your organization, The Psychology of Selling should be the base on which your salespersons thrive.

how will this read help you change your current business?

After reading The Psychology of Selling, your sales strategies can be streamlined to-


1- Set achievable sales goals


2- Understanding your customers better


3- Thrive to become a part of the top brass of the sales team


4- Create features and benefits that deliver results and other sales tools


Creating a definite sales goal that is measurable and achievable for your business to sustain unforeseen contingencies also lies on the shoulders of the sales team or the business development team.


The Psychology of Selling is a book that hones your sales skills and creates a strong foundation for a successful salesperson.


This one read will make the process of sale less intimidating and more natural for you.


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