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a guide to the power of your subconcious mind at any age

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What story will you tell yourself today?

We wake up with thoughts of days gone by or worry about what is about to happen in the future. To live in the moment, one has to access the power of your subconscious mind.


To do this seems tedious and difficult. To even trying to access the subconscious mind one would have to go against the flow of normal thoughts, create new ones, and then apply them.


But if you wake up with the same thoughts every day, it is time to discover how to use the subconscious to your advantage.


Think about your car. It must have a design that is functional yet serves a very practical purpose for you. It helps you move from point A to point B and makes your life comfortable.


Its color represents your style and the way you handle your car is representative of your lifestyle.


Now, think of your thoughts or your internal storyline you tellyourself all the time and ask yourselves the following questions-


1- Who designs them?

2- Are they functional?

3- Are they positive or negative?

4- Do they define my lifestyle?

5- Do I hold any control over them?


If you can take care of our cars or whatever product you like so much, why cant we have a similar lovely storyline for ourselves every moment of our life?


This question and many more have been answered in the book, the power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

is your internal storyline not dependent on the outside world?

The internal storyline is totally dependent on you.


Before reading this book, you need to be honest in your analysis of thoughts.


The only person giving power to your thoughts is you.


 The first step towards unveiling the power of the subconscious mind is to accept the responsibility that you and only you create your thoughts.


Once you accept this responsibility, you can begin to understand the realm of your subconscious mind.


Howsoever your thoughts, positive or negative, have a bearing on your lifestyle.


To design them responsibly is also in your control. Every thought you create comes from a decision that YOU made. No person, place, or thing is responsible for the outcomes of your thought process.

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how does one access the subconcious mind

To be able to access The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, you have to affirm certain thoughts that will only work in your favor.


The way of affirmation in the book will help you relax every cell in your body and help you create a new internal storyline for you. 


With this, you get a renewed outlook towards any bygone issues or ones that you are worried might show up in the future.


Imagine your life is a comic book and you are writing the story.


When the character in the comic book wakes up in the morning ask yourself, what storyline will it follow today?


What will it CHOOSE to do?


Much like that character, we decide to choose a certain thought. You choose to go down the same memory lane of past experiences to only feel the same way as you did yesterday.


To get over this mundane routine, you will have to change your internal talk. (Consider what to say when you talk to yourself book review here.)

in which situations will this book help?


To give an example, the power of your subconscious mind can help you process the following events in your life in a healthy manner.


Your neighbor parking his car AGAIN in front of your house, the cashier at the bank being impolite or your colleagues not being appreciative of your hard work, all these instances in a normal day can have an impact on your mood and hence, your health.


To think afresh and approach these events for what they are, which is outrageous, is the only way you should look at them.


This is the crux of the book – The Power of Your Subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.


An easy read that you could finish in one sitting, it is written in a style that resonates with your psyche and encourages you to act on your thoughts instantaneously that may be holding you back to lead a healthy life.


There is ample literature out there with conclusive proof that your self-talk holds a lot of validity. It affects your mental health as well as physical.

what if one doesn't change their thought process at all?

When the thoughts become aggressively negative, they need an outlet.


That outlet is exhibited in the form of a physical ailment that could range from acidity to heartburns or acid reflux.


This information could also be something that you are already privy to.


The question then arises, how do you handle your thoughts?


The answer is simple. Repeated affirmations.


Just repeat affirmations a certain way to yourself that’s bothering you so much that it no longer does!


Think of it like this, that persistent thought that makes you anxious is responsible for your misery. You are repeating these thoughts in your mind twenty-four seven and losing sleep over it.


Time to try the opposite now! Acknowledge this pattern and repeat it the other way around.

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choose your thoughts wisely

Or they come to haunt you later in life in the form of diseases. Don’t wait for your thoughts to manifest into something terrible.


Think differently.


The power of your subconscious mind teaches you to do this in a manner that encourages you to take control over the roller coaster of your thoughts and define a new life for you, free from your self-inflicted negative mental chatter.


It’s time to bring about that change. Read the power of your subconscious mind on a lazy afternoon to design and master your thoughts and live a groovy life!


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