The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin

the organized mind book review

It's time to make sense of the chaos around you!

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Do you wake up with an organized mind?

You wake up in the morning, you do your morning business, but you are never alone, right?

You have your mobile phone on you! When your mind is not even organized and settling itself for the day, you scroll through the world of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and Reddit.


By this, you have exposed yourself, unknowingly to a lot of information. Information that relates with happenings in the lives of other people, then some shopping ad, then some birthdays probably, then some more shopping ads and this format of posts go on and on!


Even if you start your day without the use of technology, you may read the newspaper. Again, you risk exposure to a lot of information here as well. 


A simple drive-by on the road with massive posters around you informs you of a lot of things. 


But the question here is how much data are you being exposed to?


The digital revolution is a good thing. This is the best time to be alive in human history.

You are connected with everyone anywhere in the world and have continuous access to all global events, minor or major. 


This has never happened before in history. People before the googles or the bings came around, were not exposed to this much information. Information is power for sure. 


But with this advancement in technology, you also risk yourself to a lot of information that comes to you from a lot of sources. How much data of information do you think you are exposed to? 


It is around 300 exabytes of data! 


How much is 1 exabyte- A LOT! (See the image below)

And this data exposure is happening to you even if you don’t want it to happen! It’s not your choice. 

The organized mind

If you feel constantly overwhelmed, a part of the reason could be this much exposure to information around you. And mind you, your day has not even started yet!


All this information processing comes at a cost and any trivial information absorbed could tire us further. 


You have to begin your daily life with that zeal that is expected of you. So, it is time for us to adapt to this information overload.


You need to learn to bring order to the chaos around you. That is where the book The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin comes to your rescue.

How the organization of mind started

The plethora of articles on the internet, memes, and posts that your mind has to sift through today does not come close to what the ancient Egyptians had to. Why ancient Egyptians are being mentioned here, you may ask? 


It is because Egypt is considered to be the birthplace of categorization. They are the people who are known to have created a systematic arrangement of books and thus information. They had highly organized minds.


We could emulate the systems they put in place, accompanied by modern technology, to lead an even simpler life. 


If our existing technology seems to complicate instead of simplifying categorization for us, we are probably not approaching it the right way.


The Organized Mind brings order to this information and breaks down a lot of myths that took birth post-industrialization. 

the organized mind book review

multitasking- are you good at it?

If you are good at it, good for you. But, here is the thing. You CANNOT be good at it. The book, The Organized Mind mentions our minds can absorb information at a snail pace. It is about 120 bits per second. 


To put it in perspective, one person talking is 60 bits per second. So, imagine a third person in this conversation. It is not in your ability to process two people talking simultaneously. 

Here, we are discussing just a normal conversation between three people.


Now, imagine having to do multiple tasks together! Simply put, you just you cannot do it! 


Keep it simple. One task at a time and you are good to go! 

but what will your boss think about you,
if you can't multitask?

The whole idea is that projects or tasks at hand have to be completed with efficiency and effectiveness. A one-person does it all mindset is damaging you and is not giving you the results you so desire.


As per the book, The Organized Mind, you have to try the technique of satisficing. It is the most productive human trait. If you master this, no task will be away from your reach.


The book has examples of this technique that are bound to inspire you to add this habit to your work ethic. 

book review the organized mind
but how does one create order of this information overload?

If you feel overwhelmed, think of cavemen. Even they could categorize information properly. The paintings that have been discovered in various archaeological findings around the world are proof that we could categorize information and organize our minds.


 All paintings represent that we could differentiate between the past, present and future.


The Organized Mind encourages you to write things down to declutter your congested brain, much similar to what these caveman paintings represent.


The idea of writing down what’s in your mind gave birth to these paintings. This is how you can declutter your mind. 

What does the book the organized mind have to offer?

The most important giveaway will be to understand how easy it is to declutter your mind.


Decongesting information overload may seem like a mind-blogging task. 


But it is surprisingly simple to achieve its opposite state. 


Read the book The Organized Mind especially if you cannot seem to manage your to-do list even after downloading the world’s best templates.


If you feel guilty about the tasks that have been pending for years, you will understand how to disassociate yourself from those tasks and put them in your to-do list in the correct place. 

What equipment do you need to learn the tenchiques in the book?

You already would have what you need to practice the techniques mentioned in this book. Any notebook, journal, index cards, or A4 size sheets are good to go. 


The book The Organized Mind aims to ameliorate your life with simple strategies to reduce the impact of information overload that could be exhausting you every day.


If you binge-watch home make-over shows and love seeing the before and after situations, then after reading this book your own before and after mind will feel great as well! 


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