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If you want to increase your business acumen, there’s ample literature out there. You want to learn how to handle your emotions, there are a plethora of books related to EQ as well.

But the book superthinking by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann is a panacea to all your concerns. 

The book starts by describing the basics of how you analyze any circumstance you may encounter with its various mental models, as the authors call them, to cover all aspects of your life.

All the mental models mentioned may seem overwhelming. But a constant revisit to what is relevant to you is the best way to take advantage of what super thinking has to offer.

Super thinking has mental models that have a unique quirk to them. Their short forms!

There is a mental model called MRI which means that if someone does harm to you or does anything that negatively impacts you, it comes from a place of carelessness. They did not probably wish for anything untoward to happen to you.

The subsequent mental models in Super thinking evolve to cover you either personally or professionally.

If something bad happens to you or your organization, one of the mental models suggests doing that circumstance’s post-mortem. Ask yourself five whys (or more) till the time you get to the root cause of the issue. This kind of super thinking will turn your issues into solutions.

Every mental model is quite easy to grasp. Since there are a lot of them, they have been written concisely. You could divide them and read them daily in a manner that gives you time to apply these in the real world as well.

How many books do you come across that suggest how you should think before you make your to-do list? There is enough literature to give you a format, but hardly any that gives you mental models to handle what should be considered important to your organization’s success.

Then, there is another mental model in super thinking called as the paradox of choice, where we unknowingly create anxiety in the mind of our customers by giving them a lot of options. Super thinking will get you out of that zone if you do something similar and help you evolve your customer dealings as well.

Another one being about the marketing of your products, or services. They should never be technical. Think of the iPod as super thinking points out. It marketed itself as a device that can hold 1000 songs, nothing related to its other aspects of technology was glorified as much.

Simplicity won the game for Apple.

There are even models from the military. This mental model for super thinking goes by the name of OODA. It helps you understand what steps to take before you act on any information.

If these inspire you to pick up the book super thinking, there’s a lot more than you can expect from it.

Have the highest expectations from it and give this book a shot.

 With nothing preachy at any time in this read, super thinking will stand true to its title and help you evolve into a better thinker.

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