the 12 bad habits that hold good people back

Book review the-12-bad-habits-that-hold-good-people-back

Cracking the 12 bad habits that hold good people back code

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are we good people?

We are all good people, according to us! But there are bad habits that even good people have that hold them back.  


The good ones may be blindsided by their bad behaviors, or they might be simply unaware of they are getting in their way.


We tend to think that only if other people were as good as us, their life would be so much better!


Then there’s another kind of thinking that makes even good people arrogant. They continually focus on the bad behaviors of people around them to make themselves feel better.



If such thinking is pervasive in your mind, then the book The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back by has been written just for you.

who creates bad habits in good people?

If you have ever wondered, why a certain person becomes submissive in authority, or why your friend is emotionally tone-deaf or why your colleague is rebelling against a new coffee machine at work, this book will help you develop a lot of empathy for such awkward behavior around you.


Bad habits are mostly a result of poor self-image, even in good people.


It takes a lot of courage to admit certain bad habits and it’s even more difficult for good people to admit that.


Because they define their entire existence as being good.


If they are any less than good, then their self-image shatters and sets a base for being blindsided towards their bad habits.

how do good people get in their way?

Every single habit that is covered in this book first discusses what that habit is, how it originates at work or in personal life, how you could manage someone with that habit, and how you could change that habit if you are guilty of it.

Mostly such habits would be a result of your internal thought process.


For example, the rebel act as a teenager sometimes hangs on to us even in adulthood. By acting like a rebel, we used to go against the rules of the household to establish our identity when we were young.


Some good people carry this rebellious nature at work even as an adult. They try to go against the grain for rules and regulations set at work unnecessarily according to them.


They think doing so will establish their presence as a free thinker but in reality, they are stuck in their adolescence.   

book review of the 12 bad habits that hold good people back
what brings out the bad habits in good people?

One of the 12 bad habits that hold good people back is being a meritocrat. They never really want to change. They think it’s safe to assume that the whole world is either black or white.


Your boss’s daughter or son got that promotion you were lined up for. Troubled much?


You are a meritocrat.


Unfairness in systems or processes makes you lose your sleep. You wish for all things around you to work on morality and a pre-defined process.


Such good people will need to go beyond their thinking to get over being a meritocrat. This is an idealist view to have. The way of the world does not work in just merit.


There is nepotism around us, other people may get preference over you, and it may seem unfair.


But a meritocrat should think of their work as a customer, their boss, or co-workers.  


They would have to think that how is it that these people would react to meritocratic behavior patterns?


This makes you politically more effective.


Another bad habit discussed is when people are scared to put their point across because they want to avoid a confrontation.


Often people avoid confrontation with the fear that their relationship will not come back to the same way it was before.


But, standing your ground and not adjusting integrity as per the mood of the other person is

a bad habit. At the workplace, neither is it professional nor will it serve to fulfil your commitment to the organization properly.


To overcome this, there are two methods in the book the 12 bad habits that hold good people back that the author suggests you can use to normalize the relationship if such confrontation happens.


Reading this book will help you explore the greys of life and understanding this will reduce a lot of frustrations that you may often feel because of it.


book review of the 12 bad habits that hold good people back
how not to come in your way?

Like most self-help books, The 12 Habits That Hold Good People Back starts with tackling poor self-image head-on.


There is a concept of the matador’s walk mentioned in the book. You would have probably witnessed it at work by someone in authority.


But what it represents is something much more meaningful and is worth the read.


There is a hero behavior pattern discussed in The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back as well.


Not meant to be understood as something heroic but it is a term used for people who constantly push themselves and other people around them to the brink of a break-down!


The intention may be to achieve their goals at the right time with utmost efficiency.


But, it often comes at the cost of yelling at people around you all the time. This creates a fearful and unhealthy work environment.


If this sounds familiar or you experience this at the workplace, there’s a lot of habits like this and more, covered in The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back.


This book is a must-read for anyone looking to start a business, lead people, or simply grow above your current environment and come out as a better individual.


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