Talk Like TED book review

talk like ted book review

time to up your presentation game

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Does public speaking give you sleepless nights?

Do you shiver at the thought of people getting disinterested when you deliver a presentation to them?

Do TED Talks inspire you?

Do you wish to emulate TED Talk Speakers?

Then let us turn all these worries the way around with this read. Get the book TALK LIKE TED to forever change the way you address your audience.

make your boss listen to you effectively

It could be your colleagues, or your boss, who sometimes do not pay attention to your presentations. 

But with the right techniques in TALK LIKE TED, you can allay all these concerns forever.


TALK LIKE TED is spot on with its methods. It straight away delves into what it promises. 

The book discusses innovative methods as used by billionaires, accomplished artists, and other professionals from myriad backgrounds, who have engaged and entertained people on the TED TALK platform.

Increase your audience's retention

We all know how smooth the TED Talks’ speakers are. But you will be amazed to read the preparation that goes into making their talks a success.


There are examples of speakers from various fields who explained complicated concepts in a simple format. For the sake of diversity in topics, TALK LIKE TED shares in detail all the methods used by these speakers to inspire and motivate their audience.

Book Review Talk Like TED

This cat just attended a jaw-dropping presentation! Get similar results from your audience with this read!

Develop effective structure to your presentations

The methods in the book like, Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments, 18 Minute Rule, and Paint a Mental Picture with Multi-Sensory Experiences are helpful to all students, professionals, and businessmen alike who often engage in public speaking.


Irrespective of personal opinions, think of excellent orators like Churchill, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and various heads of state across the world.


They all have something in common. Even in the most difficult times (professional or personal), they have swayed their listeners away from problems and uplifted their spirits.


If you are a sucker for historical speeches and enjoy watching them on YouTube, you can draw parallels from what the book mentions to how these speeches have been taken. This skill set is acquirable, and it takes a lot of courage to develop to deliver that perfect presentation.


You too can deliver a similar talk and hone your presentation skills at the end of this read.


Be prepared to take a lot of notes in this book. You might feel the first chapter to be a bit cliched, but if you are patient with this book, the proof of the pudding is all in the YouTube views TED talks get.


To deliver a speech and not having read this book should not even be allowed!


After all, it is with words that we communicate our thoughts. If they are not impressive, we cannot make our day-to-day professional or personal environment better.


But, if you wish to impress your audience next time with a presentation or with public speaking, look no further beyond this book.


Clicking on the link below will forever not only sharpen your lackluster presentation skills but give you confidence in public speaking as well.

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