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Increase your reading speed by two to three times

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One of the first steps in self-improvement is to enhance the way you read. This makes speed reading the most important skill to have for everyone. You come across words everywhere, be it in newspapers, magazines, textbooks, or company reports.

They all have to be not just read quickly, but one needs to have an ability to remember them as well.

Think Instagram posts, Twitter handles, Facebook stalking, or Reddit browsing, you are reading words even when trying not to read.

A quick drive-by on the highway takes your attention toward a banner that has amazing graphics and words that inspire you to buy that product probably.

If your subliminal self takes a decision on the combination of the visual arts and well-written words, give your subliminal self a gift of speed reading.

You read quickly, process quickly, and think better when you speed read. This is where Speed Reading in 1 Hour by Justin Hammond comes to help you.

is speed reading a pertinent skill to learn?

The substantial amount of words that surround you needs to be filtered by you to be able to accommodate the important from the unimportant information. You can only absorb information to a certain degree. (Consider the book The Organized Mind by Daniel J Levitin)

To do so, you need to comprehend the written words at a certain pace.

Can one learn to speed read at any age?

Age is not a bar for learning when to read with speed. If you can convince yourself to swim, ride a bike, or bungee jump at an extended age in life, then speed reading can literally be done in the comfort of your own home.

Just switch on your AC, have Alexa/Google Home create that perfect reading environment, and have at it! 

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is the book worth the hype?

If this is your first attempt at speed reading, you will not be disappointed. Speed Reading in 1 Hour does what it preaches. It teaches you to speed read in 1 hour. If this is all that you need to learn to speed read and if you are motivated enough, this is a must-read.

The author has put exercises to practice post the explanation of a technique for you to learn while reading. 

it sounds exhausting, will I not get tired?

Speed Reading in 1 Hour mentions that reading makes you smarter as your mind becomes more alert. You end up comprehending life in general, at a quicker speed. Simply because you are speed reading, you are thinking quickly. 

It’s time to awaken the hamster within you and become an effective reader. 

how do i find the time to learn to speed read?

Here is the advantage of developing this skill set. You are reading all the time, even when you are not! You don’t need to physically sit yourself down and create an environment around you first to learn this skill set.

Wherever you have written text, whenever you chance upon it, simply apply the technique the book Speed Reading in 1 Hour mentions. 

how easy or difficult is it to speed read?

This is one of the simplest skill sets to develop and the easiest to continuously hone and practice. Next time, you read a Facebook post or a long report at work, apply the techniques mentioned in the book and notice the difference yourself.

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