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There is an inherent belief that negotiations must be aggressive. Words unheard of are invented in verbal spats during negotiations or you start to lose your hair and ruin the rest of the day thinking about it! This is where the book Never Split the Difference by Chriss Voss comes to our rescue.


We all MUST negotiate daily at some point in our lives. Waking up in the morning and convincing your mom that you are unwell for school. The discount that your vendor refuses to give but you know your peers get more out of him. The inevitable communication with your spouse to go to the restaurant of your choice and you never seem to go to that Thai restaurant you wanted to!


Every such moment, whether it happens in personal life or professional, has a direct repercussion on your well-being. So, to learn to better manage it is what this book, Never Split the Difference by Chriss Voss is all about. A famous face on masterclass as well, what this author teaches you in this book is nothing less than life-changing.


The book Never Split the Difference is written in a conversational style with a myriad of scenarios that gives you an insight into the rich and complex work experience of the author as well. This makes you nod in agreement while reading the book and the by end of this amazing read you realize how easy it is to learn the art of  negotiation that many find daunting.

The lessons that you will learn from this book never spilt the difference stick with you just like the book rich dad poor dad that is a global phenomenon.


Let us look at some of the things that the book Never Spilt the Difference covers.

Looking for a mentor in your company but nobody is willing to become one for you?

Ask that person, what does it take to be successful in this company.

This one simple open-ended question amongst many others that the book covers is by far the most compelling set of open-ended questions you will come across.


Avoid verbs like can, do, is, or does in a negotiation.

Use words that reporters use like who, what, where, why, and when.

 Amongst this set of words, WHY, is the most provocative. Try having a conversation with a loved one and put a lot of whys and see how wonderfully the conversation will derail!


Asking HOW repeatedly, however, can make the other side feel at ease and create a healthy environment around that conversation.


There are insights into personality types of negotiators for you to assess them and then apply the relevant strategies that the author proposes.


Perhaps, the most groundbreaking thing about the book Never Split the Difference is the Rule Of Three. It is a method for a person to make them agree with you three times in one conversation. The book covers how you can manage to do so and if you truly practice this, you could jujitsu your way out of any negotiation!


Negotiation doesn’t seem to be simple owing to its ambiguous nature. But with such a wonderful read that is Never Split the Difference, you feel more confident, wise and a dunce for not having read this book earlier in your life!


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