Book Review

The day of the silent dinner and what it represents for you!

Read time – 2 minutes.

Imagine this hypothetical. Rita and Erick went out for a dinner date. The car ride was quiet to the restaurant of Rita’s choice, again! Frustration and anger intertwined made Erick’s otherwise stoic face red. He was still stoic, but now stoic and RED! The car had to bear the brunt of it. With three red lights almost jumped and not slowing down on road bumps, they made their dinner reservations just on time. After all, Rita told him to be home on time, but Erick was late from work, again!


The waitress and even the food was not spared from the looks of spite on the day of the silent dinner!


The ride back home was even quieter than the ride to the restaurant.

No words were exchanged between the both of them the whole night and it was yet another night in the life of Rita and Erick.


For them, they cannot negotiate with either each other or their emotions.


According to you, what could be the reasons for such brevity in conversation or this the case, the lack thereof?!

Please wear your detective caps and light up your most expensive cigar!

These could be the reasons-

1- Rita chooses the restaurant of her choice all the time.

2- Erick always comes home later than when Rita expects him.

3- Rita thinks Erick has an ego and likewise with Erick.

4- Neither of them wants to make them the first move to start a conversation. After all, ego is important!


Now, let us think of suggestions to make their life better.

1- They could talk to each other.

2- YOLO! So, forget everything and move on!

Now, let us turn the tables.


Imagine your last emotionally charged conflict. The last opinion someone shared about you or not even about you in the digital multiverse! How much time did you take to get over it?


The last interaction with a spouse, relative, friend, or colleague did not have the expected results as you visualized.


If such conflicts become recurring for you, or you wish to negotiate yourself out of these situations quicker, it is time to pick up the book Negotiating the Non-negotiable by Daniel Shapiro.


Negotiating the Non-negotiable starts by explaining what defines you as a person physiologically.What defines you and your emotions is explained through five pillars, as the author calls them, and expands on these concepts. Negotiating the Non-negotiable’s pillars is the basis on which we observe the observable universe around us and if you threaten one pillar, that is the point where existentialism comes into question!


Each pillar gets its chapter, wherein its meaning is explained, how you and others around you behave as per that pillar and how you could be Negotiating the Non-negotiable by the methods the author suggests.


Negotiating the Non-negotiable has downloadable worksheets at the end of all chapters, so you cannot run away from introspection. Fill them out honestly, do some self-evaluation and get in touch with Rita and Erick and tell them to live a little!