Miracle Morning Millionaires by Hal Erod and David Osborn

Mime the richer and be wealthier!

Read time – 1.5 minutes


It is a quintessential fact of life that a certain set of repeated behaviors define our daily existence. How we think, is how we act and our self-worth determines who we are today. All of these cumulative factors put together have resulted in our life being the way it is now.


Then we have the uber-wealthy amongst us who must have a certain tweaked set of neurons in their brains to be minting money the way they do. They must possess some secret sauce, a miracle per se that separates them from the herd mentality.


We all need to learn the formula to be counted amongst them.


This is where Miracle Morning Millionaires should become a part of your life.


The first half of the Miracle Morning Millionaires takes you back to basics. It describes the pertinent portions of the day be tweaked a certain way to coming closer to the millions that await you.


With suggestions that seem logical and rationally sound, by the middle of the book you wonder if you have would have practiced what this book preaches, you would have been giving Mr. Bezos a run for his billions!


Miracle Morning Millionaires has suggestions that cover your physical and emotional life. It discusses how and when you should wake up, how you should set up your momentum for the day, and encourages you to remain in a perpetual state of laser-sharp focus to get to closer to your goals.


The book has templates for goal-setting methodologies, online communities you could be a part of, and a list of book recommendations that will motivate the dormant millionaire in you to achieve the improbable and stay forever motivated!


The simplicity with which the authors have penned down the habits, thought processes and actions that millionaires take does not come across as idealistic preaching, but doable action steps that can be inculcated quickly.


Miracle Morning Millionaires is one of the books that keep you pumped up to change your habits to become a better individual. With a lot of resources inside the book, it creates an ecosystem of gradual change that you can monitor periodically and improve your lifestyle.