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humankind a hopeful history book review

Does humankind have a hopeful history?

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Negative nellies are all around us. You switch on the news. You get to feel that humankind has never had a hopeful history since our present times seems so bad. 


There is a constant reminder through social media or news of what society should not be but is. Our ever so impressionable minds since a young age fall victim to this belief that all happenings around us are negative, so life, in general, is a big negative.


From this stems the belief, that there is nothing good that is happening around us at all. It seems that humankind has lost its sense of self. 


Even if there are some positives, they fall short considering the sheer amount of negativity that prevails around us.


Ever wondered why we FALSELY believe all of this to be the truth?


Why do we believe that there is nothing positive happening around us at all? 


Why is it that we systemically believe that all humanity is against certain basic virtues that were only present in societies thousands of years ago? 


Why has compassion died out so overwhelmingly that we fail to acknowledge any wrongdoings and even do something about them

is life a game of thrones episode?

Throughout time, we have believed that humankind has not had a hopeful history. Even today, we tend to believe only negative things happen around us.  


The reason we believe that as we have a need to be updated with current affairs and how news presents itself to us also does not help.


Filled with passive-aggressive inconclusive debates to needless highlights of a narrative that is aimed to provoke reactions, the twenty-four-hour news cycle does just that.  It makes you negative. 

As per multiple studies, it has been proven that watching the news is a mental health hazard. 


The carefully designed stories aimed at the audience seek to achieve sinister objectives. It is to have people tune on their flight or fight reaction and have them wanting it even more. 


But watching this narrative day in and day out keeps us out of the reality of the good as well. 


There are people, even though in minority, who believe that there must be something good that is happening around the world today.

Good things have happened throughout history as well. So, there must be some good in humankind that would have trickled down from societies of the golden past.


If that is the case, why don’t we know about it?

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it is because we have not read humankind: a hopeful history

Humankind: A hopeful history takes you through a journey of how early humans established a moral code of conduct for themselves, that was filled with humanity and draws an analysis of where we went wrong today!


It is a refreshing read about how certain systems around the world, be it businesses or prisons, have approached their systems differently and, with humanity, to bring about a positive change in society.


The must-read section of the book is how selectively media houses target us to ensure we live in a constant state of doom.


Humankind: A hopeful history also mentions the survival of the friendliest and how we have been evolved to be a friendlier version of our not so well-dressed homo sapiens!

why do people become evil?

It requires a lot of effort for a person to become evil. With ample examples of dictators masquerading as saints for politicians, we feel that the way of the world has gone astray. What prompts this evil behavior is a sense of camaraderie. 


With examples of wars mentioned in humankind: a hopeful history, we get to see how wars have been fought because soldiers were provoked in the name of friendship.A sense of community and longing is inherent to all of us. The 2020 lockdown that was put globally has only proved that fact even more. 


Exploiting this and making soldiers feel vulnerable in the name of friendship and protecting one’s community is what made them fight wars.In fact, as per the book Humankind: A hopeful history there are examples of soldiers not even being able to start canons on the battlegrounds. 


It is exceedingly difficult to be evil. But, it is equally easy to focus on the good that exists around you. 

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humankind, where did you go wrong?

We focus on the fact that Humankind has been always belligerent, up in arms with each other, and never meant any good to thy neighbors. 


Contrary to that, Humankind: A hopeful history mentions that neither early man nor even soldiers during wars had a longing for it! 

The cave paintings across the world only depict the hunting of animals, and not of wars. 


In 1863, in the Battle of Gettysburg during the American civil war, a whopping 90% of muskets were still loaded after the war ended.

The age-old question of what drives people to be so evil is also touched upon in Humankind: A hopeful history.

study hard child!


What stems the belief of the dog-eat-dog world? 


The work ethics that were created post the industrial era stemmed from a belief that you have to work on productivity, no matter how to complete the task at hand. People in the workforce did that with whatever means. 


It was a requirement for them to develop products and services swiftly as societies were developing at a fast pace and demand was always high with no proper systems in place. But now, we have different kinds of systems in place. 


So, to follow the same manner of working is no longer required. And all of this belief started to reflect at home on young kids and how parents started approaching their kids’ education. 


 A recent study showed that parents would rather their kids study harder than work on qualities like friendship and compassion. 

These parents would rather have their kids’ work work work all the time. No freedom, no playtime, only study. 


As Professor Simon Sutton-Smith said “The opposite of play is depression.”


The book Humankind: A hopeful history filters out the unnecessary beliefs and archaic psychological studies that should have died out years ago but unfortunately stems out our belief of how the modern world should work.


After this read, you feel the need to be more hopeful about humankind and diligently absorb information around you in a more positive and hopeful manner.


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