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If you want to be a winner, change your how to talk to anyone philosophy now!

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It is now time to go to that family dinner you are expected to attend. But nervousness ensues as you don’t know how to talk to anyone there!

 Judgemental cousins, gossipy aunts, and stock market uncles await your presence!

The introvert in you is expected to contribute to all these conversations, lest you meet the wrath of your parents!


You may wonder that even after reading a newspaper and having well-informed opinions, you still find it difficult to express yourself. You are up to date with any happenings around you, but still, when it comes to talking to someone, you tend to remain quiet and reserved in your thoughts.


If you feel that you don’t seem to contribute much to conversations that happen around you, it’s time to read the book – How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes.


Packed with 92 techniques to help you to communicate better, this book is a game-changer for all introverts! Even extroverts can refine their conversations with this read.

What does the book teach?

How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes has techniques that take you back to basics.

It covers all aspects of communication, from body language to how and what to speak.


Here are some book highlights for you to decide whether it will help you.


Beginning from how to look at someone in the eye, to how to ensure the conversations don’t come to a dead-end when you are in the room, this book has you covered in all these areas.


We know to look at someone in the eye while talking to them. This is body language 101. A refinement to that process is what the author calls sticky eyes.


At work, are you expected to make excellent cold calls to clients?


The technique mentioned in the book will help you in leaving a longer-lasting impression than you did before.

How to talk to anyone book review

How about you have to engage a group of people in a business meeting?

How To Talk To Anyone has a tweak to that technique which will help you to ensures that everyone in the group feels they have been listened to, without the need for you to talk much!


Stand tall and proud by following what they do in the world of performing arts.


Every time you enter any room, be it your boardroom or kitchen, use the technique mentioned in the book to have a smile glued to your face and look more approachable to people around you.


Treat everyone around you like a big baby! This technique and how to follow through may align the most difficult people around to your point of view.


The details of these techniques are easy to apply and follow. 

is learning 92 techniques enough?

The book has 92 techniques that are described in real-life scenarios for you to apply easily in your conversations.


Some more techniques as mentioned here will help you bring up your communication game by a lot if you follow through properly.


Think of every person you are about to meet as your BFF! This technique can bring wonders to new acquaintances or even old, renewed ones.


Learn how to visualize better with how to talk to anyone.

But when is the best time to do it?

It is when your mind is calm, and you are not at loggerheads with the environment around you.


Improve your small talk.


If how you have wondered how expert communicators go about it, this technique is a must-read. Be a bit materialistic. Carry what How To Talk To Anyone calls a WHATZIT.


With this, make people talk to you, instead of you having to do all the hard work.


Learn something interesting about your hometown. Let the listener comment on it and feel as if you are great a great conversationalist!


Let the spotlight always be on between you and the person you are speaking to! When it is on the other person, let them shine! With this, you encourage a lot of participation instead of you doing the talking.

book review how to talk to anyone

are the techniques easy to apply?

The success rate should ideally be high if you apply any of the techniques mentioned in how to talk to anyone.


None of the techniques require you to do additional homework on them.


You have to wing most of them in conversations and depending on how that conversation unfolds, you have to then go ahead and use the other one.


The only thing to note is, you may have to refer to the book again to retain the techniques in your memory.

will this book make you successful in life?

As per How To Talk To Anyone, 85% of anyone’s success in life is due to their communication skills.


The techniques mentioned in the book can help you start on your journey to success with this. You may have the best technical know-how, but how is it that you put it across matters.


Researchers are notoriously famous for being boring presenters. But then some good ones can deliver a talk on the most scientific concept but still manage to arouse interest in their subject matter.


Then some people can also make the most entertaining talk, boring. (Read Talk Like Ted book review on how to deliver amazing talks.)


With this read and the techniques mentioned here, you can make your communication style more enjoyable.


How to Talk to Anyone also mentions of empathizers. These are short and supportive statements that also replace your Uhuhs with something more meaningful.

learn to talk to anyone with ease

Some more techniques in the book are as simple as tweaking how you say thank you or best wishes to someone.


You will be able to apply all the techniques instantaneously.


Be an expert communicator in a matter of weeks with these easy-to-follow techniques and redefine your art of communication.


In the age of Instagram, where everyone shares how they drink, sleep and be merry, what exactly is holding you back?


If this is a perpetual challenge for you, then the book How to Talk to Anyone will bring you one step closer to overcoming your nerves.


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