How to talk to anyone


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A family or business party is coming up. There would be a lot of people for you to talk with. If this unsettles you somehow, then reading the book, How To Talk To Anyone is a good solution to your predicament.


This book wouldn’t necessarily make you the life of the party. You just need to survive talking to fellow human beings!

If this is a perpetual challenge for you, then the book How To Talk To Anyone will bring you one step closer to overcoming your nerves.


This book by Leil Lowndes mentions techniques to better conversations that are easy to implement, remember, and follow through as well.


How To Talk To Anyone explores literally, any conversation points that you may encounter in your life. It covers all aspects of communication, from body language to what to speak.


Here are some book highlights for you to decide whether the book will help the introvert in you.


We have been told to look straight in the eyes when talking to someone. This is body language 101. But, some of us still find that daunting. A refinement to that process is what the author calls sticky eyes.


How about you have to engage a group of people in a business meeting? How To Talk To Anyone has a tweak to that technique and ensures everyone in the group feels they have been listened to.


Stand tall and proud by following what they do in the world of performing arts. Every time you enter any room, be it your boardroom or kitchen, use the technique mentioned in the book to have a smile glued to your face and appear more friendly to everyone around you.


Treat everyone around you like a baby! This technique may align the most difficult people around to your point of view.


Treat every person you are about to meet like your BFF! This technique can bring wonders to new acquaintances or even old, renewed ones.


Bring your visualization game up. Imagine the scenario to be in your favour before it happens. But when is the best time to do it? It is when your mind is calm, and you are not at loggerheads with the environment around you.


Improve your small talk. If how you have wondered how expert communicators go about it, this technique is a must-read. Be a bit materialistic. Carry what How To Talk To Anyone calls a WHATZIT. With this, make people talk to you, instead you having to do all the hard work.


Learn something interesting about your hometown. Let the listener comment on it and feel as if you are great a great conversationalist!


Let the spot light always be on between you and the person you are speaking to! When it is on the other person, let them shine!  With this, you encourage a lot of participation instead of you doing the talking.


MBAs – Read this carefully. How To Talk To Anyone says that 85% of one’s success in life is due to your communication skills. Th. You may have the best technical know-how, but how it is put across matters the most.


How To Talk To Anyone also mentions of a technique where you use empathizers. These are short and supportive statements that also replace your Uhuhs with something more meaningful.



Some more helpful techniques in the book are as simple as tweaking how you say thank you or best wishes to someone.


Be an expert communicator in a matter of weeks with these easy to follow techniques and redefine the art of communication.