bring order to all the information overload around you

Read time- 2 minutes

Does it ever happen to you that the amount of information around overwhelms you?


You entered a room to do something but by the time you entered you forgot what it is?


It happens because our minds are so busy with all the information around us. This much information exposure comes at a cost. It can tire you, not just mentally but physically as well.


The book THE ORGANIZED MIND aims to ameliorate your life with simple strategies to reduce the impact of this information overload.


 The book starts with explaining as to how did the categorization system of information began. It also discusses the subliminal impact of this much information around us.


You would have to read it to believe the amount of information we live around and what it means for our mental health. This itself was the highlight of the first half of the book.


Then, it goes on to explain about how top head honchos of the world organize their minds and schedules.

The book ends with the system of categorization that is rather simple to follow and easy to implement right away.


This book is for you, if-

          Your to do list haunts you

          Cannot seem to manage your day in an orderly format

          Feel guilty about tasks that are pending since years!

(My guitar gives me sad stares every day!)



With this book, you can–

          Create an effective TO-DO list

          Absorb information better

          Enlighten yourself about categorization (MONICAS, UNITE!)