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Ego can be our own worst enemy. The worst thing about having an ego is we may not even be aware of how much damage it is doing to us. It can bring us down or make us fall upward.

But ego is all prevalent. We all have egos to some extent.

How much is too much, and do we even realize whether we base our daily life decision on ego?

If you are searching for these answers, it’s time to pick up the book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

that office dunce is at it again!

When you go to work, you may get a feeling as if your life is a daily soap. 

There are characters you have designed where you are the protagonist of the story (obviously!) and there are villains around you.

The only reason these villains exist is to demean you or bring down your work or stomp on you to move ahead in life. It is a dog-eat-dog world after all.

But you have to work with them. You must coordinate with these characters to get your work done. And, in the conversations that happen to get the work done, there are comments designed as bait to provoke reactions out of you.

There’s not a single employee or employer who hasn’t had to deal with this.

how do we deal with this situation?

You think hard and long about how to not be a part of these conversations.

You use the five whys to get down to the root cause of the situation. (Ask yourself why-based questions five times or more to better analyze that situation.)

You try to ignore these comments. But they come back to haunt you again. So, how do you handle these words that seemed to leave such an effect on you?

There is a good number of examples in the book from history to understand how successful people have handled these situations.

They became a success because they understood these baits for what they were – useless.

With this understanding, you still would have to work on a lot of things to get better at handling such circumstances, be it at work, family, and/or friends.

what to say when you talk to yourself
anticipate resistance

If you encounter some, it’s good. It means progress. It means you are doing something right is why you have resistance in the first place.

At this point, ego is the enemy mentions that you should evaluate your metrics of life.

How is it that you value your day? What is the meaning of success for you? What matters to you the most at the end of the day?

(Please refer to the subtle art of not giving a f*ck for understanding these metrics.)

Your drive for purpose should be well defined or it can make or break you as a person. 

But i have all the contacts in the world!
I don't wish to have resistance.

This thought if comes to you is the reason why you should read ego is the enemy. You need to think opposite to whatever this line of thought represents.

The moment you do that is the moment you realize that egoists rarely attack you with their actions, they attack themselves first.

You are not the victim of their ego issues. They themselves are.

But, to get to this point requires a lot of effort and practice the book mentions.


One of the most famous historical figures for his grandiose approach to building an empire had put it wisely.

He taught a lot of invaluable stuff to his generals. One of which was if you can’t swallow your pride, you can never lead.

Another analogy was of a mountain. If you think you are as mighty as a mountain, a tall animal standing will appear even mightier. 

so how should one swallow pride?

Redefine the four metrics that are mentioned in the book ego is the enemy. Do that to objectively overcome your own and other people’s ego issues.

They take care not only of your ego but the subsequent pride and vanity that is a result of having an ego.

zen, rock cairn, rocks-3652353.jpg


Euthymia is a Greek word that means tranquility in English.

It represents the path that one should take and stay on it without getting distracted by anything and anyone’s egos around you.  It does not mean you need to be better or you need to have more things than someone else.

 It means to have a strong metric that is unaffected by external factors in life. If what defines you in life is a weak metric, chances are you will always be embroiled in these ego issues forever.

The best metric to associate yourself with is – Are you being the best version of yourself? If not, it’s time to revisit actions that made you feel otherwise. 

This one simple metric is the panacea to your cures.

We all seek some tranquility. There are meditation apps, lessons on how to control your egotistical self, and a lot of wonderful books and templates to help you overcome ego battles. From this sea of options, you must select the one that fits you best.

If reading ego is the enemy could be that one option, do give it a chance.

Read the book Ego is the enemy to get rid of this incessant feeling of not being in control of your own egotistical self. Also, learn to deal with people who have a lot of ego around you.

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