Bigger Leaner Stronger


Read time – 1:30 minutes


Consider this book as your 24×7 personal trainer.


Bigger Leaner Stronger by Mike Matthews is on point in what it seeks to achieve– provide simple explanations to the complicated concept of bodybuilding to get the physique of your choice.


Bigger leaner stronger is different from other bodybuilding books in one sense – you don’t feel overwhelmed after reading it.


What this book also does is that it breaks down the most common myths and motivates you throughout.


Also, the common belief that you need to spend a lot of money to get the sought-after physique will be changed after reading bigger leaner stronger.


Why this book will resonate with you is that the author is a self-development aficionado himself, who practices whatever he preaches.


His website, blogs, podcasts, books, and interviews are motivating enough for you to create a realistic self-concept of what an ideal physique should look like and not go after the unrealistic standards set by influencers, or celebrities.


The book bigger leaner stronger starts with simple explanations of how you should consume food and all its associated terminologies. It breaks down myths that you would read on Insta pages or what buffed-up trainers would recommend either out of misinformed training or simply because it’s in trend.


Bigger leaner stronger also has pictorial representation of workouts you should do, and which ones are most effective to get you good results.


One major takeaway is the amount of rest time that should be taken between workouts for maximum results. There is a lot of other information that would stand contrary to common hearsay. But, with a massive following that bigger leaner stronger has, it goes to say that this book is truly phenomenal.


The book ends with a workout regime that you can follow at the gym or its substitutes for a home workout.


You get a workout schedule for a year included in the book that is split into five, four, or three days for you to follow as per your lifestyle.


This book has further editions tailor-made for ladies, and another variation for you to bulk up if that is your workout goal. 

(Book review of that will also be uploaded soon).


All of them are worth a read if you want a workout regimen that is sensible, achievable, and gives you the results that it promises.


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