becoming supernatural book review

create a new reality for a better future

Read time- 2 minutes.


Be it the literal out of the world comic scenarios filled with symbolic life lessons of Avengers, or the true to yourself, in your face reality of the DC world, we have all these relatable characters in these two worlds, that shape their way throughout the narrative in a unique way.


They face adversity not just with panache, but also a style! This is the bravado we admire in them and wish to circumspect our life problems with a throw of a hammer or with a piercing laser through our eyes!


They make us want to have those powers as well, right?


Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza can give you those powers as well.


Now, don’t expect to be climbing walls or time travel, but of all the books out there, that tell you to visualize when your day starts, or try to teach you how to live in the moment, this one read is a literal breakdown of these concepts.


You will have to read the first half of Becoming Supernatural with an open mind. It talks of quantum reality in which you could create opportunities you would not be able to otherwise create. Even if you think this to be out of your reach, it will teach you to move away from your past and create a better future for yourself by being in a state of elevated emotion.


Throughout reading the book, Becoming Supernatural, you come to realize the possibility of a world that does not exist, yet.


Imagine being able to create a world, where you are the master of your destiny. You define all that is required for your future sustenance. The book encourages you to imagine the extremely basic stuff like the clothes you will wear when you ace that job interview or whatever is the recent problem in life you wish to overcome.


The latter half of Becoming Supernatural is packed with meditation techniques that are supposed to enable all the benefits highlighted in the first half.


The book explains if you feel continuously trapped in the past, you cannot ever feel better than how and what you think. No matter the emotional event that has defined your life, Becoming Supernatural helps you to understand how to live in the moment and create a reality for you that even though doesn’t exist yet, but you can begin to trust the unknown future.


To achieve this, you have to meditate a certain way and think a certain thought, and that should get you started. There is a lot of unlearning that one should expect first, which can delay the process a bit.


But, in that lies the beauty of being more trusting of yourself first, then your future. Imagine being content with whatever is about to come your way in life, and to do that Becoming Supernatural is must-read.