Groovy read

I believe reading is groovy. It’s the best hobby to have. It’s handy, inexpensive, and can be taken up by anyone who can connect alphabets to make words! If these words are written creatively, they can give us a surreal experience.

Whether we explore the world of Tolkien, Shakespeare, or Rilke, what they have to offer us is an opportunity to transcend time, challenge our beliefs and be in trance in another dimension of reality with their books. Then there are self-help books that help us challenge ourselves, educate us, and motivate us to become better in various spheres of life.

To enjoy an art form that is books is a privilege I have had since childhood. It has now come even more alive with this blog on books that aims to connect with you weekly. There will be book reviews that will cover all genres of books for you to make your next book purchase more seamless. 

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